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If you have a suggestion, customer quote or bugreport - just use the form below to contact me.
(Or directly send me an email at twaelti AT dplanet DOT ch)

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If you want to buy the HiTiles by sending me cash* or through Western Union (ouch - expensive!), use my post address:

Thomas Waelti
Hangweg 92
CH-3097 Liebefeld

Other means of money transfer are unfortunately not possible, as the fees would ruin either you or me :-) Do also NOT SEND Postal Money Orders, Checks or similar - it would be a waste of time and money. Cash works, be assured.

*Just wrap the money (12 USD or 10 EUR for the download) into a sheet of paper, send it to the address listed above and send me an e-mail. I'll then give you a download link. This way I bear the risk and you don't have to wait until your letter arrives at my home.

The HiTiles and HiTilesAF are (c)opyright 2002-2005 Thomas D. Wälti, Bern, Switzerland.
Falcon 4 is an intellectual property of Atari, Inc.
The HiTilesAF are sold under licence from Lead Pursuit, LLC.