Shop, download and install


Buy the HiTilesAF with a Credit Card or PayPal*. A single user licence is just USD 12

Existing HiTiles customers: please check your e-mail for an upgrade offer!

After payment, you will get a download page for the HiTilesAF texture package (Additionally, you will also receive an e-mail with the download link). Download this file called HiTilesAF.exe (~122 MB), then run it to install the HiTilesAF on your machine (NOT yet in Falcon 4). Please backup this file - harddisk failures aren't as rare as you believe...

If you have trouble with the download link, make sure that you can FTP over your network connection; also try disabling any download managers you're using - it seems that not all of them correctly work with Payloadz.


Next, you will need another installer to install the HiTilesAF into your Falcon 4.0: Allied Force (F4AF) setup:

Download this installer into your HiTilesAF install and run it from there. This will allow you to choose a season and install the HiTilesAF into the Balkans and/or Korea theatre of your F4AF setup. To switch to another season, just re-run this installer. You can mix theatres and seasons to your liking (And yes, if you plan to use all seasons in both theatres, make sure to have at least 2GB of available hard disk space...).

IMPORTANT: Any time you update your Falcon 4.0: Allied Force with a new patch (by using the Falcon 4.0 Allied Force Update Check), first use this installer to restore the default scenery! This is absolutely necessary before applying any F4AF patches from Lead Pursuit. Restoring the terrain to the default look only takes a few seconds. You can then re-apply a season after the Falcon patch from LP was succesfully installed. There is also a FAQ entry about the procedure (including a screenshot).

BTW: There is no need to do a complete Falcon re-install (a.k.a. "the Dance") - Just run the installer and it will use your current Falcon installation! (Please do also check the FAQ for additional installation info)

3. Start Falcon 4.0: Allied Force and enjoy!


*If you have neither a Credit Card nor a PayPal account, you can also pay by postal cash (See details).

The HiTiles and HiTilesAF are (c)opyright 2002-2005 Thomas D. Wälti, Bern, Switzerland.
Falcon 4 is an intellectual property of Atari, Inc.
The HiTilesAF are sold under licence from Lead Pursuit, LLC.