FAQ - HiTiles & Falcon 4.0: Allied Force


I want the HiTilesAF to improve my Falcon experience - what do I need?

First, buy the HiTilesAF texture pack and install it (HiTilesAF.exe, ~122 MB). Then download the latest installer for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force and run that (HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe, 4MB).

What versions and thatres of Falcon 4 does your installer support?

The installer for F4AF supports the default Korea and Balkans theatres of the current release of Falcon 4.0: Allied Force.

For older version of Falcon 4.0, please check out the "classic" HiTiles.

No broadband for me - my internet access is only 56k. Can I still get the HiTilesAF? 122 MB sounds like a LONG download.

It is a long download, indeed. But using a free download manager such as Download Accelerator Plus (http://www.speedbit.com) you will be able to download overnight. This alos allows the resuming of a download if something should go wrong.
Additionally, the HiTilesAF are now also available on CD-ROM for USD 20 (incl. shipping).

I fly in an online virtual squadron - What about Multiplayer compatibility?

No problem. The HiTilesAF do not influence MP, so it doesn't matter if some teammates have the HiTilesAF and others not (of course, they all SHOULD have them :-).

Since I installed the HiTilesAF, I can't apply Falcon patches from Lead Pursuit anymore.

Always use the HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe installer to reapply the default terrain before updating (This takes only a few seconds).

I just read the system requirements. 2 Gigs of harddisk space???? Are you nuts?

No :-) Each season (once installed and prepared) needs about 250-300 MB; this includes the downloaded textures and the theatre-specific horizon graphics ("Fartiles"). Plus the backup of the original default terrain - another 650 MB.

What about system performance? Will the much better terrain bring my system to a halt?

Don't worry - no! The HiTilesAF won't add any measurable system load, your game will perform as usual.


I couldn't download the HiTilesAF (My download did time-out and other errors). What now?

At 122 MB, the download is quite HUGE :-) Therefore, please make sure that you use a download manager that supports download resuming. A free one that works for sure is Download Accelerator Plus from http://www.speedbit.com - please give it a try.

Also, make sure that you can FTP over your network connection!

When I try to run the installer, it tells me that my download is corrupt.

Download again (using a download manager). If it still doesn't work, your system either needs an updated/disabled virus scanner or a spamware/malware clean-up. Check out the official NSIS installer system FAQ about this: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Why_do_I_get_NSIS_Error


I want to apply a patch from Lead Pursuit. It tells me to restore the original terrain first. How?

Re-run the Falcon Installer, the "HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe" (DON'T uninstall the HiTiles themselves!). Then click NEXT, now select "Restore original terrain":

Click NEXT a few more times until the terrain has been restored. Now you're ready to run the patch from Lead Pursuit. Once it was succesfully applied, launch the HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe again and re-select your seasons.

After doing a Falcon 4 reinstall (a.k.a. "the dance"), how do I get my HiTiles back?

Re-run the Falcon Installer (HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe). It will then re-install the HiTilesAF package that is still installed in a separate part of your system (from back when you did the initial setup of the HiTilesAF.exe).

I recently patched to F4:AF 1.07 using the large full patch from Lead Pursuit. Now I get an error when installing the HiTilesAF and can't load the Balkans theatre anymore.

If you receive any of the two errors shown below, this is due to a known bug in the 1.07 full patch from Lead Pursuit :-(

Error screen when running HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe:

Subsequent error screen when loading a mission in the Korea theatre:

Luckily, the fix for this problem is easy:

  • Once you have installed patch 1.07, open Windows Explorer and navigate to your F4AF folder (normally "C:\Program Files\Lead Pursuit\Battlefield Operations"). Right-click this folder, select "Properties", then deselect the 'read only' box
  • Click [Apply]
  • Select "apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files".
  • Click [OK]

Now the HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe won't fail anymore. Lead Pursuit is aware of the issue and will fix it in the next patch.

I'm still stuck and need support.

No problem. Write me an e-mail (hitiles AT tomch.com) or use the contact form to send me a message. You can also use this for bug reports, customer quotes and any other feedback.


I want to burn a backup CD of my HiTilesAF.exe download. Can you give me a template for the CD label?

Sure, there you go (JPG, 270 kB).

The HiTiles and HiTilesAF are (c)opyright 2002-2005 Thomas D. Wälti, Bern, Switzerland.
Falcon 4 is an intellectual property of Atari, Inc.
The HiTilesAF are sold under licence from Lead Pursuit, LLC.