Welcome to the HiTilesAF scenery for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force! This software package vastly improves the default Korea and Balkans theatres found in F4AF. Check out these major features to see what the HiTilesAF bring to your favorite flight simulator:

The HiTilesAF consist of over 1600 terrain textures, featuring a variety of sets with landscapes, cities, harbours and airfields. They are based on real world orthofoto imaging research and are properly resized to fit the scale (1 tile = 1 km2 / 1 pixel = 4 m). Their careful, "natural" design prevents "blockiness" and straight, angled edges.

The HiTilesAF logo depicted above and in the menu on the left is a scaled-down "demo patchwork" of various tile types: Check it out in full-size (1024x1024, 340 kB). Additional screenshots are accessible through the menus on the left.

The HiTilesAF come as PCX files in a zipped file (122 MB), by Electronic Delivery from our servers. A single user licence costs only USD 12, payment is available using a Credit Card, with PayPal or by sending cash over mail.

System requirements: 2 GB of available harddisk space (sorry, yes!).

The HiTiles and HiTilesAF are (c)opyright 2002-2012 Thomas D. Wälti, Bern, Switzerland.
Falcon 4 is an intellectual property of Atari, Inc.
The HiTilesAF are sold under licence from Lead Pursuit, LLC.