2012-08-01: While the downloadable version is still available, the production of the CD-ROM has been discontinued.

2006-08-10: The August/September issue of the German flight simulation magazine FS MAGAZIN features a review of the HiTilesAF and an interview with me on pages 41/42. Good to see something else than just MSFS stuff in there :-)

2006-01-26: The HiTilesAF on CD now look better than ever... Thanks to improvements in the production process, the CD version now comes with full color label. This is what you will get:

2005-12-08: Good news for low-bandwidth pilots: The HiTilesAF are now also available on CD-ROM!

2005-12-07: Due to current events, support answers might be delayed... (baby girl born today :-)

2005-11-07: SimHQ reviews the HiTilesAF - and likes them :-)

2005-10-31: SimHQ features an interview with me about the history and creation of the HiTilesAF.


HiTilesAF: Photorealistic scenery for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

Bern, Switzerland: is pleased to announce the release of the HiTilesAF photorealistic scenery, the first officially licenced add-on for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force.

Featuring a complete replacement of the generic Balkans and Korea battlefields, much enhanced terrain textures and a season switcher, the HiTilesAF bring an eagerly awaited graphics improvement to the leading combat flight simulator.

Tom Waelti, Producer of the HiTilesAF, said: "I'm extremely happy to deliver this scenery upgrade for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. The high level of detail not only makes the battlefields much more realistic, but also gives a vastly better feeling of height and speed to the pilots. And the included seasons are an added bonus to get the most out of this legendary F-16 simulation."

Joel Bierling, Executive Producer, Lead Pursuit LLC, said: "What a great first official add-on for Allied Force. Tom's work has been admired by the community for years and this special new release for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force will make a lot of pilots very happy. His scenery makes Allied Force even more engaging. This release, coupled with our continued support for the simulation, reinforces Lead Pursuit's commitment to its customers and to excellence."

The HiTilesAF include over 1600 seamless terrain textures, all based on real world aerial imaging research. The included season switcher offers the possibility to switch between spring, summer, fall and winter textures and apply them individually to one or both battlefields.

The HiTilesAF are available now from, where you can also find further information, screenshots, FAQ and the latest installer.

All trademarks and copyrights contained herein are the property of their respective holders.

The HiTiles and HiTilesAF are (c)opyright 2002-2005 Thomas D. Wälti, Bern, Switzerland.
Falcon 4 is an intellectual property of Atari, Inc.
The HiTilesAF are sold under licence from Lead Pursuit, LLC.